About Us


My daycare meets all the requirements established by The Texas Department of Family and Protective Service. I understand that you are trusting us to care for your child, and I take this responsibility very seriously. I look forward to the opportunity to care for your child, while providing a positive influence in their life.

My day Care is a home based child care facility which is committed to providing a positive and stimulating environment that is warm and inviting for children to develop at their own pace. My Day Care is your child’s home away from home for only a portion of their day we will make it a warm, nurturing, and fun place to be. We will focus on laughing, learning, play, and discovery. Your child will enjoy enhancing their social, emotional, intellectual, cognitive, and motor skills while building confidence and self-esteem. We have an open door policy and welcome parents visits anytime as we find this to be very helpful in keeping communication open between parent and staff.

If the traditional day care center is not where you would like your child to be then my home child care is for you. My Home Child-Care in a “home like” setting is the best alternative there is for working parents. It provides a small secure environment for children during the most important time of their development. My child care offers a home away from home, providing children with “siblings” of all ages, to play, socialize, and learn from. My goal in providing quality child care for your child is to provide!…..

*A safe environment

*A nurturing environment

*A learning environment… learning is not necessarily the ABC’s and 123’s, but is also the learning of values. The learning of honesty, respect, self–reliance, and potential, self-discipline, and moderation, the values of being; dependable, love, sensitivity to others, kindness, friendliness and fairness are the values of giving.

*A proper approach to discipline… Since children occasionally need discipline, it is important that you and I share a similar philosophy so that your child is not too confused as to where the boundaries are and what is expected of him/her. Children are taught which behaviors are inappropriate, and why, and given alternatives that are acceptable. In this way, the behavior is being changed, without making the child feel “bad” or unloved. This helps develop their self-esteem, and teaches them how to handle difficult situations themselves in the future. I express my disapproval (without attaching character). I state my expectations and show your child how to make amends. I give choices, and in extreme situations a child may be given a “time out”; because at times a child may be having trouble making choices of their own and they just may need a couple of minutes to calm down, and think about their choices. . No physical discipline is ever used in my care.

*Communication is the key to a successful child care arrangement. The parent and provider need to have a good working relationship so they can communicate and work together. Parent and provider need to exchange pertinent information in the child’s life such as changes in routine, special events, or activities, as well as changes such as death, divorce, separation, moving, visitors, etc. All this information can be important in understanding the child’s feelings, behavior, and wellbeing.

I invite you to share with me in writing, by telephone, or schedule an appointment to talk about you concerns on any area that you feel I am neglecting and I will do my best to improve in that area.

I provide a loving, safe and fun environment with activities that include toys, art, music, reading, puzzles, games etc. while nurturing children physically, socially and emotionally.

My Day Care offers full time, part time, and after school care. Our goal is to provide children of all ages, social and emotional growth in a loving, caring, and safe environment.


First Aid, CPR, and AED Certified

Free Meal

Positive Guidance

Strict Safety Policies

Age-Appropriate Activities